For all LIVE BOOKINGS please email As well as a seasoned stand-up and MC, Siân is an experienced event host, interviewer and presenter.

If you want COMEDY POLE DANCING at your show, check out this handy guide first so you don’t have Siân emailing you every day about the ceiling.


  • Jokes and scriptwriting for television, radio, live work and online content.
  • Show structure support, script development and story editing.
  • Sensitivity proofing for materials related to LGBTQ+ and sex worker content.
  • Feature and opinion pieces.
  • Commercial copywriting.

Siân loves to help other people’s ideas onto the page, screen or stage as a WORKSHOP LEADER AND WRITING COACH. Her comedy and creative writing workshops can be tailored to all levels of experience and have been hosted by Wakefield Literary Festival, Buxton Youth Theatre Digital Festival, English Youth Theatre Brussels and the Labour Party Women’s Forum. Siân has previously been commissioned by the Arts & Humanities Research Council to design comedy workshops to engage young LGBTQ+ people with climate activism.
As a CREATIVE PRODUCER Siân co-designed the Comedy Salon with Dr. Ina Linge to transform academic talks into an interactive, online queer comedy cabaret. Contact the Salon if you’re looking for a fun and memorable way to engage new audiences with your research. 

The heart of Siân’s work is using surrealism to make big political ideas or messy personal stuff more accessible and fun. If this is what you need, get in touch!

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