Pole the other one! Podcast

Can pole dancing solve all your problems?

Started from Siân’s parents’ basement during lockdown, Pole the Other One! began as a series of interviews with pole dancers over Zoom about how the art of hanging off a stick has improved their lives. From hobbyists using pole to manage their mental health to multi-competition-winning performers and instructors, Siân spoke to pole dancers from all corners of the sexy stick community about everything from creativity and political activism to business skills and gender identity.

Series 2 introduced stand-up comedian Lulu Popplewell as a co-host and an even wider range of themes including neurodivergence, anthropology and sex-positivity.

Supported using funds from Arts Council England, Siân and Lulu co-hosted a pole comedy party to launch the second series with performances from Series 1 stars Leila Davis, Kelly Vee, Cat Lee and George Lou Bon and the world premiere of “Live at the A Pole-O!” where comedian Thom Tuck and double act Shelf performed their worst material and tried to redeem themselves by pole dancing.

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