I am always banging on about the decriminalisation of sex work because it’s the one political thing I really know about. If I hadn’t stumbled into stripping and learned about sex worker politics through my friends and community I built on the job, I would probably be a Nordic Model supporter. So I take every opportunity to advocate for full decriminalisation of sex work in the UK.

Decrim isn’t the silver bullet which will solve all sex workers’ problems overnight, but it’s the right model for harm reduction and an important step towards improving the lives of sex workers and their families. You can watch Juno Mac’s brilliant TED Talk which explains it all really well here.

I did a podcast interview with The Revolution Begins at Home which has the full backstory of my weird route into stripping and why I vouch for decrim.

In 2020 I organised and hosted an online comedy and pole dancing show to raise emergency funds for sex workers and their families impacted by Covid-19, covered in The Guardian
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